EHDPS Archives      
b/w photo prints 22 sheets (2 photos per sheet) copies of A4 glass plates originally donated by Mr Meakin data relates to circa 1900+ EH Digitised and printed by Chris Young
b/w photo prints 6 sheets  (4 photos per sheet) copies on A4 photo paper data relates to early 1930's Halland & Uckfield Harry Mann' photographs
photocopies 3 sheets A4 relating to East Hoathly & District Nursing Association dates relates to 1930 - 1941 EH Harry Mann collection - rules and record of payment for nursing services
b/photo & sheet of names large group of people and children posing in front of old mansion house ? 1940s EH  
photocopy 1 A4 sheet of photos of Gun Inn, Blackboys   Blackboys  
paper Parish magazine 1964 EH  
map Extract of OS map with handwritten notes 1971 Halland Park Farm & Terrible Down  
3 postcards Nutley Windmill (2 views), Lych Gate EH, Playing Fields EH   Nutley Postcards produced by Sweetman & Sons, Tunbridge Wells
2 coloured photos Waldron Road (opp Kings Head) & Cherry Tree Cottages   EH  
negative Rodney Cruttenden, last blacksmith at The Forge, Mill Lane before 1953 EH  
Photo and cuttings 1 A4 sheet "Exhibition of photographs & memorabilia held in Village Hall  1976 EH  
newspaper cutting & b/a photo 1 x A4 sheet - Fiona Berry and the restored village pump, 1 large photo of village pump 1976 EH  
2 postcards 1 of ladies disbudding chrysanthemums, 1 of the Boyne (Hollow Lane)   EH (Mrs Clarke) King George V stamp on first postcard , 2nd postcard is a Frith
1 coloured photo Belmont   EH  
1 coloured photo & newspaper cutting Sellens (as three cottages) & newspaper cutting dated Feb 11 2000   EH  
photocopy extract OS map & notes 1st edition 1878 with notes taken from Mr Clemes of North Barham House   EH  
newspaper cuttings 4 newspaper cuttings relating to The Rectory, EH, Victoria House, London Road, Halland, the water pump at Halland & Halland Stores images relate to old photos. EH & Halland Newspaper articles from circa 1990.
2 coloured photos Aberdeen House, East Hoathly Stores 1980s EH  
2 coloured photos The Gate House   EH  
1 postcard The Old Post Office (& postman and bike   EH  
1 postcard, negative & bill Barham House - negative of photo and bill 27.11 76 in brown envelope   EH Mrs Clarke
coloured photo Victoria House & Spring Cottage   EH  
b/w postcard Cider House Walk   EH Marked real photograph supplied by E Burgess, E. Hoathly Stores
postcard P Ranger & Son shop September 23rd 1911 EH FW Burgess, 42 Cantelupe Road, East Grinstead handwritten on back
photocopy copy of newspaper cutting relating to the death of Dr Thomas Holman    EH Dr Holman was born in 1837 in EH.
2 coloured photos Hesmonds 1960s? EH  
coloured photo Tom Cottage (Thomas Turner)   EH  
postcard High Street & Thomas Turner house   EH Judges postcard
2 postcards High Street, The Village (Waldron Road from High Street)   EH Friths ETH23R, ETH 8R
photocopy & coloured photograph image of Belmont by H S Grimm 1753 & coloured photograph   EH  
2 b/w photos copies of glass plates of Reading Room Halland and Halland 3231, Lewes Road   Halland  
paper text Information about Belmont history   EH  
postcard & copies Kings Head, butchers & village stores ?19th century EH postcard 1810
b/w photo image of glass plate of Devils Race   Halland NO.1689
large b/w photo image of Routh & Stevens lorry outside The Crown Hotel   Heathfield  
postcard Victoria House   EH CV Travers, Hove 478
photocopy image of shooting party taken in Bentley Wood w names EH
b/w photo (large) cottage (now demolished) at Scallow Bridge demolished in 1950s   EH donated by C Akehurst - was his childhood home - lived there until c. 1935
photocopy A4 sheet of image of windmill w bakers cart and notes of report in Sussex Advertiser of the fire which destroyed it in 1891      
photocopy cricket club membership card of 1907 relates to 1907 EH EH
2 b/w postcards Church & lych gate, & Church   EH Sweetman 52408, 52405
photograph Paines Hill verge before planting mountain ash trees 1970 EH  
b/w postcard Whit Monday Club rounding the corner outside TT house.   EH Albert Flint, 63 Church St, Camberwell, London
2 coloured photos White House   EH  
b/w postcard Barham House   EH green halfpenny stamp ?Edward VII
b/w postcard Sussex oxen at work (Falmer) Apr-04 Falmer green halfpenny stamp ?Edward VII
b/w postcard East Hoathly Village, Sussex showing Kings Head & Spring Cottage   EH  
b/w postcard Halland Park Farm   EH  
b/w postcard Group of 11 boys with football and man behind ? 1930s    
b/w photo Bertie Lavender at Ardingly Agricultural Show 1963? With Queen Elizabeth II   Ardingly  
b/w photo Framed photo of lady in long frock with apron in sweet shop doorway with Frys chocolate written  in window   EH from Lindsay Sampson donated early March 2007
b/w photo photo on card of Rich shop with lady in doorway and man to the side.  Church Marks Cottages sign on wall and Players Navy sign and sign for lamp oil Royal Daylight and White Rose   EH From Mr Meakin donated 2002
photocopy image of football team 1947/48 with names of men in photograph listed.   EH Given to Society at exhibition23.11.07 by Mr Hazeldon
sepia photograph image of Queen Victoria jubilee supper for all held at Barham House by Sir Compton Ricketts. 1897 EH  
b/w photograph image of reaping with horses at Moat Farm, W Bennett, G Wood, J Burt   EH Photo J Frisby, Uckfield
Photo album        
coloured photo beginning Waldron Road   EH  
b/w postcard The Quadrangle   EH HM Camburn, Tunbridge Wells
b/w postcard Fern Cottage on left looking towards Kings Head 1950s? EH E Burgess, EH Stores
b/w postcard The Hut   EH addressed to Miss Trill, Rye 1699 green halfpenny stamp
b/w postcard Rowland Wood   EH addressed to Miss Trill, Rye 1699 green halfpenny stamp 1686
b/w postcard Barham House   EH addressed to Mrs E P Saunders at Rose Village. red 1 penny stamp ?1920 5001
b/w postcard Lydfords   EH addressed to Miss Trill at Hove, green halfpenny stamp  ?1913
b/w postcard EH Church Interior   EH addressed to Miss Trill not stamped. CV Travers , 210 Church Road, Hove 466
b/w postcard Grasmere   EH addressed to Miss Trill at Hailsham.  Green halfpenny stamp 1914 1698
b.w postcard EH bellringers taken by Lych Gate (7 men)   EH D Crowhurst on back
b/w postcard Pageant - 12 ladies in costume - some medieval     Mrs Hall in faint pencil on back
b/w photograph large 5 children by gate of Thomas Turner cottage with  horse drawn baker's van with Edward Parks on side. Man & boy delivering   EH  
b/w photograph large The Corner, East Hoathley. T Hoad on shop with awning    EH  
b/w photograph large Ivy House 1908 with children & pram, man and woman at side and man with bicycle.   EH Mrs Ades 
b/w postcard Ivy House   EH addressed to Miss Trill, Rye 3226. Green halfpenny stamp.
b/w postcard Routh & Stevens lorry in front of Ivy Cottages.   EH Halland 3 phone number on side of lorry
paper print large View of Barham House   EH  
photocopy image of Bob Whitehead at Place Farm with girl and sheep 1977 Chiddingly  
b/w photographs 3 photos of detail of Belmont House   EH  
b/w photograph 3 men and 3 horses ploughing      
b/w negative Woodworkers      
b/w negatives Chiddingly Church & field   Chiddingly  
b/w negatives 6 of Belmont House and details   EH  
sepia postcard East Hoathly Boyne   EH Frith, Reigate ETH 11
photocopy 2 images of oranges from magazine grown by Mr C P Ranger and young lady with 1920 hairstyle      
photocopy image of Halland Park Farm from sale particulars   EH  
coloured photo Halland Park Farm with man in doorway (Ted Burchett?)  and dog and someone seated in doorway   EH  
photocopy Moat Farm, Hawkhurst Common demolished in 1930s EH  
b/w photograph EH Football club 2 named as Bill Bishop and Fred Bishop.  28 men 1921 EH  
photocopy Vinall diary relates to 1919 to 1923 EH & Halland area  
typed sheets blue Wyndham Gould reminiscences relates to 1930s EH & Halland area  
  Story of a Sussex Village.  Pelham Buckle perhaps by Mr Meakin Part I (8), Part II The Pelham Buckle (8), Part III (3)  & 13 other pages written 17th June 1951    
photocopy Forty Years in a Sussex Village by the late Capt Henry Topham Clements   EH Printed by J Brooker & So, High Street, Uckfield. Lizzie Goldsmith July 24th 1901 handwritten on author's dedication page
bound report file history of the shop at Chiddingly James Pilbeam, Mercer of Chiddingly by Nhorma Pilbeam January 1990   Chiddingly donated Marion Lapicki
paper Sale particulars of Grey Wood Estate 1929 EH donated by Barbara Clarke
photocopy extract from Sussex County magazaine p127 re The Quad, East Hoathly   EH