Local Heritage Initiative Project

Recording the history of East Hoathly and Surrounding Villages in the Sussex Low Weald

Our aims are to:

  1. collect the existing history of the area,
  2. provide training for archiving, digital photography, oral history
  3. review and catalogue the retrieved information,
  4. capture the information electronically making it available to the general public,
  5. set up a website linking to other websites e.g. Parish Council’s,
  6. cast the net wider, identifying and filling gaps in information  and provide training and exhibitions

The benefits we have achieved and envisage are:

  • community involvement in gathering information
  • providing a focus for co-operation between societies
  • inspiring shared community ownership by participation in the project
  • safeguarding our local heritage
  • encouraging young people and children to become involved with adults in recording, surveying, mounting exhibitions etc.

If you would like to be involved or think you can help with the project with information and/or expertise please email Andrea Goodridge at .