JUZIERS DANS L’HISTOIRE: 1000 years of history

France: Carolingian & Robertian dynasties

England: Alfred the Great

1st text evoking Juziers (7th century} some hair of the beard of Saint Peter is venerated in Juziers.
978      Countess Letgard, descendant of Charles the Great (by her father) and Robert Ist, by her mother, donates the village of Juziers to the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-en-Vallée for the peace of her soul. She married first Guillaume “Long sword”, then Thibault, earl of Chartres, Blois and Tours.

France: Capetian dynasties – Henri I

England:  Edward the Confessor

1050    The church is rebuilt. Of course, the nave is roman style.
~  1150 The chancel, thanks to the monks (and gifts)  becomes gothic.
            Succeeding kings grant privileges to the abbey.

XIVe     Several epidemics but the donations continue.

France : Capetian dynasty (…Charles V, Charles  VI & Charles VII)

England : Edward III, Richard III

1324    Bailiff’s sealing wax of Juziers.
1338 -1435- “the Hundred Years War”
*********  Wars of religion  *********  (Catholics and  Protestants)
16th century     Decline of the priory.
1634    The bell tower is repaired.

France : Capetian – Louis XIV

England: Charles II

1664    Foundation of the chapel “Notre-Dame de la Pitié » (Our Lady of Compassion)
*********    Conflict between monks and priests.  *******
1677    The chancel belongs to the monks (Saint Peter) and the nave to the parishioners (Saint Michel).
1752    The abbot, Lopes de la Fare, left the seigneury to his nephew, the Marquis de la Fare (lease of 99 years, with repairs as his duty).

France: Capetian – Louis XV

England: George II, George III

1753    Catastrophe: the belfry collapses.
1754    Bell tower rebuilt (smaller and cheaper!).

France: Capetian – Louis XVI

England: George III

1778    The abbey of Saint-Pierre-en-Vallée is re-united to the bishopric of Chartres.
The French Revolution (1789)
1791    The church is sold to the public. It becomes a “Temple of the Reason”, then a firm of saltpetre.

France: Napoleon I

England: George III

1801    Concordat : the church returns to the parish.

France: Louis-Napoleon (republic)

England: Queen Victoria

1850    The church is classified as an ancient monument (Mérimée…)

France : Napoleon III (empire )

England: Queen Victoria

1860 - 1870 : stained glasses of Ména and Luçon.

France : Republics

England: Queen Victoria

1892    The railway comes to Juziers
1900    Inauguration of the new town hall (with the famous participation of East-Hoathly, in 20000 for the centenary).
1921    War memorial.
1945    The “Sergenterie” is bought by the municipality and becomes the primary school.
1977    Opening of the nursery school (Baroche Square).
1993 -1997 & 2000 -2004 : . campaign to restore the stained glass windows.
2001    Restoration of the washhouses.
2003    Inauguration of the “Centre du Bourg” (here where you are).
2007    Queen Elizabeth II and Sarko 1er meet